Media Gallery

Media Gallery tool in Sublime LMS ™ enables users to view, upload, and search video directly from the Sublime LMS ™ environment. This allows pictures, audio files, and videos to be played directly within Sublime LMS ™. Users can create dynamic collections of media that can be categorized, sorted and filtered.

User can Comment on media, view comments by other users, reply to existing comments and delete comments and replies. Using the Record from Webcam feature, user can create webcam media such as welcome messages, introductions, assignment instructions, simple demonstrations, and other recordings.

Sublime LMS ™ video App allows you to embed rich-media inside rich-Content element such as Discussions, Announcements and Course Pages. They can add those pages to the course materials.

Media Analytics

The instructors can easily access the course-specific Video Analytic Reports directly from the LMS. Learn which videos are most viewed, which users are most engaged and which users contributed the most content to your Media Gallery.

Engagement Reports for the instructors

Gain insight of the media usage in your course. Get the answers to the questions like: Are students really watching the videos? Which videos are they watching most? Which students watch the videos? Are students watching the entire length of the videos? Which students contribute media to the course and do the other students engage with that media?

Summary Reports

Total number of videos played, total number of views, breakdown of the videos played through, storage, bandwidth and more